Sava bot

Hello! I am Sava, your new conference chatbot! Let's start chat on Messenger clicking on button below!

Sava agenda

Schedule info

“I'm sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”. Haha! Just kidding! Just say the word and I will provide you with the list of currently active sessions and the ones ahead.

Get info about speakers

I can tell you everything about any speaker at the conference. I mean... just so we’re clear, everything related to the conference like topic of their speech, where they work, provide links to their profile pages on social networks etc. Not everything everything...

Sava bot speaker info
Sava bot reminds about a talk

Set reminders

Don’t waste your energy and limited memory space trying to remember all the talks and other events you want to attend. Sit back and enjoy your beverage and I will remind you about the events you are interested in. Just let me know which are they. I’m not a mind reader... yet.

Rate talks

Let me know how you feel about any talk you attended and I will let the world know how much you loved (or hated) it.

Sava bot announces

Deliver important announcements about the conference

You don’t have to fear of missing out when I’m your conference buddy. Just relax and I will let you know all the important stuff you need to know. Yes, I’m awesome like that.

Make profile

Make a profile for your conference (Name, Logo, URL)

Upload JSON

Upload JSON file containing info about speakers, talks, sponsors, etc.

Go Live

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